Dental health checkup Services in Bikaner


Dental health checkup Services in Bikaner

04 Feb 2021

A solution to every problem is a smile. Well, it doesn’t mean that it solves all issues of life but it helps to improve your mental condition to face problems causally. So what do you think? Is it good to keep smile always? I know you all say yes! Now the next point is to make your smile attractive because of it makeover your beauty naturally. What is more important to have an attractive smile? “Healthy Teeth” right therefore if you want to make your smile attractive then care your teeth always by the help of dental experts.

Visit your dentist for Dental health checkup on regular basis. The terms which used in dental health checkup by the dentist to provide better dental health are given below:

  1. Ask for dental history:

Whenever you visit medical checkup, a medical professional will ask about your medical history same as here. Your dentist asks about your dental health before checkup. It helps them to know how to treat you and where to focus most to improve your dental health.

  1. Cleaning of teeth:

It doesn’t matter you brush your teeth daily but the cleaning of teeth is an important part of the Dental routine checkup. Dentist scraps out dental plaque by flossing between teeth and gum. After removal of all food particles, plaque, dentist polish and shine teeth.

  1. Examine teeth:

After cleaning, polishing and shining teeth it is time to examine teeth. The dentist makes sure if any problem is there in your mouth like redness of gums, bleeding gums, teeth softening, swells gums or cavities etc. by the help of metal prompt which has a small angled mirror.

  1. Dental x-ray:

After above examination of the upper surface of teeth, now its term to checkup inner surface of teeth. With the help of Dental X-ray dentist take picture of the internal structure of teeth and gums.

  1. Medication and advice:

At the last dentist prescribe medicine if require for your Dental careIf they find any issue with your teeth they will suggest you get treatment either advice to maintain better oral health at home.


It is not necessary when you have pain or issue with teeth then you will meet your dentist, therefore to have Better dental health always visit “Dencity clinic at Bikaner” where our experts use to provide better dental treatment always. Precaution is always better than cure so never avoid Routine checkup of teeth to have an attractive smile.


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