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Dental Crowns, the word which is very common for the dental industry as it is known as ‘caps’ also which has the ability to preserve the functionality of damaged teeth. Its main use is to protect a cracked tooth; it can restore the functionality of a tooth which has excessive decay, or it can replace a pre-existing crown. It is a custom designed material, which encase a tooth which is in a bad condition. In the present scenario there are several treatment options which can be applied to restore teeth. All these options are required to discuss before choosing the full coverage crown.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

The patient’s teeth might be damaged or in worst condition that the other treatments like veneers, direct composite bonding or any other treatments will not be a feasible options or if the patients have gone through root canal therapy then the dentist will always suggest for the dental crowns. Whatever the condition is whether it requires to restore a damaged tooth or to create a natural tooth replacement for the implant purpose, crowns are always suitable which can be fabricated in hospital or clinics.

The Procedure – How it Works

Well, there is a certain way of crown procedure where the dentist setup the tooth with a molded impression of the teeth and sends it to the laboratory  and after that a temporary crown is fitted on the tooth for the temporary protection before the final restoration is being made. After the completion of the process, the crown can be cemented or can be bonded in the laboratory.

Recovery and Aftercare

As we have discussed the preparation of the crowns which is a vital part of the procedure and when it is placed the dentist will guide the patients with some useful information about how they can care their new setup and restoration of crown. The patients have to maintain the proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing their teeth twice a day in routine and flossing with dental floss or they can use specially designed brushes and sticks for the care (once a day). The patients have to make it a practice and it will help them in preventing the dental decay and other gum disease.

Abstain from biting hard sustenance, ice or other hard objects, since this could harm your crown. It is important to remember that it is critical to abstain from gnawing your fingernails and pounding your teeth, which could essentially abbreviate its life expectancy. In the event that you constantly grip or pound your teeth, your dental practitioner may suggest wearing an evening time mouth monitor to offer insurance while sleeping.


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