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Dental Implant is just a simple process to provide the facility to the patients where they can get cure of their teeth with this process. In this process, a screw-shaped attachment which is usually made up of titanium metal and it is inserted into the Jawbone to replace the missing tooth in the root. After that, there is a natural process which is called osseointegration where the bone attaches firmly to the implant and by this process, a replacement tooth remains secured to the top of the implant. The new tooth will look and feel even function like a natural tooth. If the patients are in need of multiple implants then they can go for that to support the denture or a bridge.

There are few stages which are required to complete the dental implant. We are mentioning them over here:

Treatment Stages for Conventional Implants

  • Initial evaluation and planning.
  • Preparatory procedures.
  • Possible healing period.
  • Implant placement.
  • The settling in stage of four to eight months.
  • Follow up review appointments.
  • Uplifting or denture stages might contain the fitting of crowns or bridges, or the attachment of dentures to the implants.
  • Trial use phase.
  • Progress review and maintenance appointments.
  • Upgrading stages.

Dental Implants » Why it is required to replace missing teeth?

Reason 1: Drift & Over eruption

If there is a gap between two teeth or gap due to tooth decay and the When a tooth is missing then the drift and over eruption can take place. It might be possible that food traps may develop and can lead to a buildup of plaque. If these teeth are not kept clean, then this might cause tooth decay, which can result in loss of further teeth.

Reason 2: Bone Changes after Extraction

If the any of the tooth is missing even for some time, the bone and gums starts changing their shapes automatically and it might be affect the other surrounding teeth.

What is involved in the Implant Treatment?

Well, there are several steps are involved in implant treatment which normally takes three to nine months to complete. We are providing some of the implant treatment methods but almost every process commonly comprised of:

(A)  Assessment and planning: in the beginning whenever any patient consults the Dr. Ajay Singh Rajpurohit and after the consultation few possible alternatives come out to start the treatment and Dr. Rajpurohit assess the feasibility of providing implant treatment.  Before the treatment X-ray might be taken to know the exact condition of tooth which the Doctor is going to implant.

There are few more steps which are important after the examining the condition such as:

  • Implant placement
  • Integration period
  • Restorative Phase
  • Maintenance
  • Same Day Implants
  • Immediate Implant

Dental implant way to smile again

Dental implant surgery is processed to the replacement of tooth root with a screw-like post made up of metal. The surgery of teeth implant fix dental implant at place of missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants works same like natural teeth as well as make look good. If you lives in Bikaner and want surgery for your damaged teeth then you don’t need to go somewhere. Now the service of dental implant surgery in Bikaner is available. If you require it then feel free to visit Dencity clinic in Bikaner. Here in this clinic you will get all dental service through experts. Generally people don’t have idea what is dental implantation and why it necessitate?  Are you one of them? If yes then let’s describe concept of dental implant.

What is dental implant surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure to replace missing or damaged teeth with a metal post or screw post. If required dentist also grafting teeth to fit these post for better support. There is two type of dental implant depends on need.

  1. Endosteal implant
  2. Subperiosteal implant

Both of implant is safe and help the patient to feel like real teeth. This surgery may be performed at any age when patient prepare mentally.

Who can claim for dental implantation?

Those patients who have a dental problem which is given below can claim for it. Just after examine the condition of teeth and jaw, dentist suggests for dental surgery. So what symptoms lead to dental implant?

  1. When a patient has one or more missing teeth.
  2. Fully grow jawbone in any patient.
  3. Have any damaged teeth which look

Well, dental implants get fuses with titanium in the jaw which protects implant to slip. Dentist asks for their patients for a regular visit to them.

Risk of Dental implant:

The surgery of dental implant has some risk, if the patient agrees to it then dentist start treatment. So, let’s see what are the risks which may occur during or after surgery?

  1. Swelling gum and face.
  2. At the site of implantation, the infection may take place.
  3. In rare case-patient may get nerve damage which may lead to numbness, pain or tingle in natural teeth, gum, lips or chine also.
  4. If implantation is performed in the upper It may lead to sinus through protruding of sinus cavities.

These risks occur rarely, therefore, don’t worry about it. Dental Implants services in Bikaner gives good results, so no need to take the stress. To make your smile more attractive and charming get dental surgery if require. Do you have damaged teeth then you can go for a dental checkup and ask your doctor for surgery. If it would be necessary for your dental health then the dentist will suggest you. Don’t worry because dental implants prices in Bikaner is not costly. Visit at Dencity clinic and get the solution of all dental problem.


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