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Dental Bridges are the devices which replaces any missing teeth. In the situations where any tooth is fallen out or is removed, a space is automatically made there. A dental bridge can fill this space with an artificial teeth which are anchored to implants or adjacent teeth. Most of the bridges are built of a pontic tooth which is held together by 2 crowns which covers the tooth, approximating its normal shape and size. Also known as a partial denture, a bridge is generally a permanent or removable denture which has a life of 7 years or much more than that. If one does not use Dental bridge then space which exists in the mouth due to the missing teeth can make other teeth to shift which results in biting, jaw related difficulties and Spur Periodontal disease. Dental bridges secures the integrity of teeth and assist in maintaining a healthy as well as a vibrant smile.

The Procedure of Treatment

Bridges fill the existing space where any tooth is missing. Bridges are generally cemented to the teeth or dental implants surrounded by the empty space. The teeth which are called abutments are just like anchors for this bridge. Pontic, which is known as a replacement tooth is connected to the crowns which can cover the abutments.

Ceramic or Porcelain bridges can be easily matched to the color of anyone’s natural teeth. For those regions of mouth where stress is less, like the front teeth of a person, a cantilever bridge is the best option. Cantilever bridges are widely in use in the cases where teeth are existed at the single side of the space. Bridges can lessen the risk of any disease in gum and help in correcting the bite issues as well as improve your speech.

Types of Bridges

There is a wide range of bridges available for every shape and size. Let’s have a look at the kind of bridges which are available in the market:-

  • Bonded (Maryland) Dental Bridges
  • Cantilevered Dental Bridges
  • Conventional Dental Bridges

Materials of these bridges are also of high quality. These materials are in large numbers:

  • Full gold alloy bridges
  • Base Metal Alloys
  • Porcelain Dental Bridge
  • Composite Resin

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