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Brighten teeth leads to a charming smile. White pearl shiny teeth are part of literature to describe beauty. In another way, we can say that it is a parameter of beauty. Those whose teeth have the yellowish color they feel upset because of their look because discolor teeth abolish it. Now the scenarios have changed and to change their look people take dental treatment. There is a solution of yellowish teeth so there is no need to take tension about it because there is an option. “Teeth whitening” is the procedure which every people need who has the yellowish color of teeth. It may possible that a question raises in your mind “What is teeth whitening” and “how it affect”. So its answer is very simple. Read the below-given information to know the answer to your question.

What is teeth whitening treatment?

To enhance the beauty of smile teeth whitening is one of the best treatment which you can get at affordable rates. Dentists follow the procedure of teeth whitening with the help of peroxides. In this procedure, the dentist removes stains from enamel (Upper layer of teeth) by the help of peroxides in a specific concentration.

Causes of discoloration of teeth:

Discoloration of teeth is a status where the color of teeth change and become yellowish to brown. The reason for discoloration may be different which are mainly divided into two types. It occurs due to staining of teeth through food, drinks, and other factors. The upper layer of teeth is called enamel which has pores where stains stick and accumulate.

Factors of staining teeth:

Staining of teeth may occur because of many factors and some of them are given below. By avoiding some factors we can get rid of staining of teeth. These factors are described below.

  • Aging: As we grow older same as the color of teeth become dull due to the accumulation of stain.
  • Injury: trauma or injury on teeth may lead to discoloring of teeth.
  • Food: Food like tomato, sore fruits, berries etc. causes staining on teeth.
  • Drinks and tobacco uptake: Drinks and tobacco uptake make teeth yellows because the stain sticks with enamel of teeth. Smoking, Uptake of access coffee, tea, tobacco or beverages lead to staining.
  • Genetic factor: The most common reason for teeth staining is a genetic If anyone has genetic discoloration of teeth then it is most properly faced.

To avoid dental issues you can meet with teeth whitening dentist in Bikaner. You may think is it effective to consult with a dentist in Bikaner? Of course yes because Dencity clinic has experienced dentist. You can get an appointment for teeth whitening treatment in Bikaner at affordable fees. Hope you will be satisfied with professional services. Treatment of teeth whitening may provide by experts at their clinic or at home also. When a patient visit to the clinic, professional treat it and follow all instruction. The procedure of teeth whitening at home in Bikaner is simple. Dentist provides a prepared kit of gel and rubber clips. Usually, people also use OTC gel tray to whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening is a process which can enhance the personality of a person and through that, they can look younger and more attractive which is the most desirable thing for the youth. It gives a youthfulness to the patients who are suffering from such kind of problem by any reason whether it happened by beverages such as tea, coffee or smoking, or a certain type of wine. Whitening the teeth can improve the condition of stained teeth.

Teeth Whitening has two kinds of the process:

  • In office Teeth Whitening
  • At home Teeth Whitening

 Teeth Whitening in Office

This can be counted as one of the most effective ways where the patients have to give around 2-3 sittings for an hour or two in the clinic where and their teeth are cleaned by Hydrogen Peroxide in a particular composition and concentration which is activated by light and applied on teeth to whiten them.

 Teeth Whitening at Home

In this process, the patients will be provided a specially customized tray of whitening gel to apply as per given instructions by the dentist. The patients have to wear the mouthpiece for many hours for many days. By following this process the patients can achieve their whitening teeth within a week or two. Although the process is for at least four weeks or longer which depends up to the condition of patients teeth.

The patients can purchase the whitening products from the outside counters. Although they might not be that effective and weaker whitening agents and it will take a longer time than the usual and which might not be as secure and safe as you will get from dentist


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