5 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Cavities Naturally


5 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Cavities Naturally

10 Jan 2022

People who are born with teeth that never seem to get cavities are like a boon, but most of us are not coming to this World with this boon. So, we really need to take care of our teeth so that they do not get a cavity, and in case if your teeth are already prone to cavities even if you avoid sugary food and brush your teeth daily before sleep, then you really need to take some precautions into consideration to prevent this decay or stop it before it forms a cavity. It's not like a good set of teeth is needed, but it is a must for you to have as it is an indicator of an individual's good health and well-being. Do you know what exactly a cavity is? After having food, the bacterias are left in your mouth and these bacterias convert the accumulated food into acid at a later stage, which gets converted into plaque and then results in holes in your mouth which are known as a cavity. Dental Clinic services can help you to get rid of this cavity. If you don't want to go through the pain of the cavity, then we would like to share 5 tips with you which will help you to get rid of your cavities naturally, if there are any. So, let's get started without wasting even a single minute!

1- Avoid Phytic Acid

To prevent tooth decay, we always advise people to avoid phytic acid rich foods and it is not just a thing to say, but we must also apply if you really wish to protect your teeth from the cavity. Phytic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is unique to plant seeds. And this acid is majorly found in Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Legumes, including beans, soybeans, peas and lentils. So, try to avoid the food that contains phytic acid if you have a cavity problem because the antinutrient properties of phytic acid worsen the status of the cavity. 

2- Reduce Sugar

Excess sugar intake in your day to day life also causes a cavity. So, you are advised to reduce the intake of sugar. Sugar is known for its highly acidic properties, and the tendency it transforming plaque into your mouth is really very high. According to Dental Clinic Services, Sugar is considered a magnet for the destructive bacterias of the mouth that causes plaque, which ultimately results in a cavity. And even if you are consuming sugar, then don't forget to brush your teeth afterward to remove the plaques left in between your teeth. 

3- Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient method that is coming from history and is proven effective in reducing the oral cavity naturally. Dental Clinic Services also recommends its patients go with oil pulling. For this, you will have to take a tablespoon of sesame oil or coconut oil or mustard oil and gargle for at least 10 minutes daily with an empty stomach. This is more effective than any other natural way to get rid of the oral cavity. Doing this will help you to minimize the number of debris bacteria and plaque in your mouth to result in improved oral health. 

4- Clove Oil

Clove oil also serves as an effective traditional method that comes with the best medicinal properties to cure any oral issues. Multiple oral hygiene issues and one solution, Clove Oil. Its anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-fungal agents are really very effective in washing away the oral cavity. Undoubtedly, clove is one of the major kitchen ingredients that need more of our attention to treat various health problems naturally. 

5- Lukewarm Salt Water

From ancient times, people have been using salt water to rinse away all of their oral problems, and it still managed to rank at the top in the list of natural remedies to get rid of the oral cavity. Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm salt water will help you to kill the destructive oral bacterias that cause the mouth cavity. Other than this, it will also help you to reduce inflammation, ease pain, draw out any infection and prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. 


In this post, we shared how it is crucial for you to take care of your oral hygiene and what are the natural ways that can help you to improve your oral hygiene while avoiding oral cavities. The 5 amazing natural ways enlisted by us are really very effective to reduce oral cavity naturally and some of these tips are more effective reverse damage to the enamel in the pre-cavity stage. But, if the issue remains constant, then you are advised to avail of the best dentist service in Bikaner to get rid of this issue within the right time. Natural ways and methods must be used alongside in such cases but not as a first hand treatment as it can result in worsening your oral health condition. For more abracadabra oral health tips, stay connected with us! 


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